Monday, November 8, 2010

The American Energy Drink

The American Energy Drink™ is a lemon-lime splash of refreshment that is suited for America’s main stream consumer. Most of the drink offerings today are “Extreme”, and hardly patriotic. The American Energy Drink has been well received at military bases overseas, VA hospitals here in the states, and has had many positive samplings at C-stores since its prototype run.

Our team seeks brand Roll Out by a major beverage company, either with the “AmeriCANtop” attached to the top of the can, or without. It’s a sure winner for a big conglomerate like Dr. Pepper Snapple, since their extreme “Venom Energy” needs a gentler sisterbrand that would appeal to all demographics in the USA. The greatest advertising impression angle would be to make consumers aware of “American Energy Flags”. We subliminally see 100s of flags per day while driving. With the right “Count them and be proud to be American” type campaign; this drink would have built-in mass PR daily to everyone in the country. An ideal time for the first major distribution would be July 4th, 2011. AMERICAN ENERGY DRINK * COUNT THE AMERICAN ENERGY FLAGS

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