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The CDC has just released frightening numbers regarding the spread of Swine Flu (Not to mention the regular strands of viruses that infects the world annually) W.H.O. reports 525,000 swine flu cases worldwide 20 Nov 2009. In most of the 200 countries that 3M brands are sold, there are market distributions of exposed aluminum beverage cans.
3Ms motto: "Thou shalt not kill a new product idea"
Dear Sirs,
I've conveyed this information to 3M'S DDS years ago, but now there is a heightened influenza threat that puts our can-top-label in a new spotlight. My/our product helps prevent the spread of such viruses by protectively sealing beverage can tops. EX. If a convenience store clerk (virus host) handles your soda can, his hand oils will inadvertently touch your hands and lips, infecting many susceptible hosts. All single serve cans need a "Peel to Reveal" seal! How many 3M anti flu products can give you this kind of global good will and multi-billion-impression brand exposure? Sure, the post-it-note is a wild success, but does it protect the public from probable exposed food stuffs contamination? Does it tout the 3M brand with each use? Our "Clean Cap" for soda cans will render over a half billion impressions per beverage line, each label flaunting the trusted 3M brand. There are over 260 billion cans produced each year. 3M will sell billions of labels globally as your institutional investor confidence soars. Every fund manager's family drinks from exposed, sometimes contaminated, soda cans.

This is a 'post it note" type success/opportunity for 3M, but you must spend a few million dollars from 3M's billion+ R&D fund to help me put together a workable system. Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal revealed that "the economic downturn has Minnesota companies trimming their budgets, but many are leaving one line item intact: R&D spending." Perhaps get Government support . 3M CEO George Buckley noted, "In these extraordinary times, 3M employees around the world are energized by the challenges ... and are steadfastly committed to building for the future. In 2009, we will ... [maintain] a significant investment in R&D. Our strategy will strengthen the company and position us for even greater success when global economies recover."

My team has done the tenuous ground work...The last 3 machines I personally paid for over the last 10 years: The first was a pressure sensitive machine not able to use FDA approved water soluble adhesive. The second custom machine (conduction) did not render a wrap-around-rim seal that held in biodegradable-temp transport. And the third delivers a perfect seal, but has a lengthy dwell-sealing time with current 3M COTRAN EVA FILM. There are new sealing heads that will drastically speed tamping times up. We could also shorten the dwell times by adjusting the vinyl acetate in 3M's EVA. Additionally, who knows what could happen if we mixed some organic matter in the mix to boast EVA film biodegradation. This product's R&D could lead to a 3M "bio-EVA" product line like I tried to interject in 2007.

My best guess of "3 Million" dollar investment needed is: $1,000,000 (Approximately) for a high volume can-capping machine @ a minimum of 1000PPM to start (I have business relations built with 3 majors that can retool foil cappers) $500,000 for the first extruded roll and conversion of 3M bioPET / Cotran biodegradeable Ethylene Vinyl Acetate film. (paid to Drug Delivery Engineering Dept.) $500,000 to keep the "Team Advercan" innovation machine running. (we assign 3M our latest patent pending files) $500,000 to saturate the beverage trade magazines / web site multi-lingual SEO- SM globally. Again everyone has wiped off their can-tops before, so this media will get received WORLD WIDE. $500,000 to guarantee system placement / management in a 16oz single-serve beverage plant. This may not be needed, but there must be "powder money" available.

The CDC / Swine Flu. It seems to target the UNDER AGE 65 GROUP, unlike the over 65 that common flu viruses infects. This equates to lost school and work days. GNP/GDP is affected, as is the bourdon on medical care budgets. The under 65 group are all single-serve soda and beer can consumers.

If 3M applied some funding, I/we could have the first working "Clean Cap" system in a beverage plant within a couple months. All that is available now is a European yogurt FOIL capping system, which is littersome and very slow.
Ultimately the beverage companies will be attracted to our system because of market share increase against unprotected beverage brands, and especially due to the fact that Can-top-advertising revenues will pay for the process...Perhaps even the entire soda/beer. Please note that it costs advertisers over 50 cents to send a direct mail post card @ 60 billion dollars spent per year on DM in the USA. If an advertiser spent 7-10 cents or about 75CPM on this unique CanAD MDI, this new-found BEVrevenue would pay for the entire soda+can+label. A Win-Win-Win for IPG, OMC, PUB, WPP, global public, and 3M. * KO & PEP's distribution ability equals vast unbridled profiting for all.

I would like to demonstrate our latest can-labeling system in front of your R&D budgeting team in St. Paul. I have a small portable unit that I could bring up. I ask that you invest some time/money on this massive, globally concerning, protective system. All of the 200 countries you market in has dirty can tops to cover. We truly believe that the timing is right for develop this global technology.
Here are some links that may be helpful. 3M-ADVERCAN'sinteraction

Your R&D board will agree that this protective system is well worth developing. Both on a humanitarian and financial level. As us, they have all wiped off a can top before consuming the beverage inside, or should have before opening a can of soup, coffee, pet food and numerous other products that they use every day.
Happy Holidays to the 3M-McKnight Foundation crew!
Kenny Mac McClintock, TEAM ADVERCAN
...ready to fly to St Paul to demo this much needed system ASAP!
PS: 3M's new organic semiconductor will be a global hit, however it won't be favorably handled by billions of people like a 3M can-top-label would.
3Ms mottoes: "Thou shalt not kill a new product idea" RE SCOTCH TAPE: 3M engineers persisted and ultimately triumphed, creating what was to become one of the most ubiquitous and successful products ever developed. "Innovative technology for a changing world" "Working Our Magic" "We don't make things - we make things better".

A Letter from the CDC

Sent: 5/18/2009 10:49:41 A.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: RE: CDC studies RE: store clerk Flu Hosts
Thank you for contacting CDC-INFO. We appreciate your feedback and are tracking public inquiries received during the novel H1N1 outbreak.

Currently scientific research is being conducted in order to better understand the diseases characteristics. As a result, this is a situation that is rapidly changing. For the most current information, please visit the CDC website where you will find the latest updates posted daily

As with all germs that easily pass from person to person, practicing good hygiene habits is the most effective way to prevent the spread of novel H1N1 flu virus. Washing your hands often will help protect you from germs. Wash with soap and water or clean with alcohol-based hand cleaner. CDC recommends that when you wash your hands -- with soap and warm water -- that you wash for 15 to 20 seconds. When soap and water are not available, alcohol-based disposable hand wipes or gel sanitizers may be used. Make sure you throw away disposable hand wipes after each use. You can find them in most supermarkets and drugstores. If using gel, rub your hands until the gel is dry. The gel doesn't need water to work; the alcohol in it kills the germs on your hands.

Also, it is important to remember that we are still in flu and allergy season and it is not uncommon to have cold or flu-like symptoms. If you are sick, stay home from work or school to monitor your health. If you do have symptoms where you think you need urgent care, contact your doctor right away.

For General Information about novel H1N1 flu we recommend the following CDC resources:

Swine Influenza (Flu) in Pigs and People

H1N1 and You Fact Sheet

Key Facts about H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu)

H1N1 Flu

Thank you for contacting CDC-INFO Contact Center. Please do not hesitate to call 1-800-CDC-INFO, e-mail or visit if you have any additional questions.

CDC-INFO is a service of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). This service is provided by Vangent, Inc. under contract to CDC and ATSDR.


Please visit CDC-INFOs Customer Satisfaction Survey and tell us about your recent experience with CDC-INFO. The survey results will help improve our services. The address for the survey is Thank you.

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Subject: CDC studies RE: store clerk Flu Hosts

We are trying to convey to convenience-store managers, that their customers would appreciate a can-top-cover atop their single serve soda cans. The
recent heightened flu concerns should also spark interests. if enough c-store owners/operators knows this system is available, they will ask their beverage distributors to protect their customers with can-top-labels.

Are their any CDC studies? _ (

All best,

K Mac
Team Advercan

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Billions of Cleaner Beverage Can Tops Used as Billboard Space

April 23, 2007 -- Advercan (, 3M, and its sourcing ally, Graphic Packaging Incorporated, has just distributed clean capped beverage can samples at the Coca-Cola packaging conference and other interested media and beverage companies around Atlanta with very positive reaction. The new system can feasibly offset the beverage industry's costs of goods sold with profits from distributing second and third party advertisements. "Advercan's AmeriCANtop is a powerful marketing medium that's a perfect fit for today's health conscious consumer. It assures market share increases, guarantees a new net revenue source, and addresses the very real concerns of exposed food packaging" says the founder, K Mac McClintock. Advercan's test distribution plans involve a military appreciation soda shipment to the troops in the Middle East, where sand, hygiene conditions, and dust are major issues.

In conjunction with 3M, Advercan has developed a film that will biodegrade over time by combining certain additives to the extrusion process. This allows for an earth-friendly sanitary seal, and a way to create a new revenue stream for the beverage world. The Advercan model is potentially worth billions of dollars to any company fortunate enough to take advantage of this cutting-edge product, as there are over 250 billion cans distributed globally per year. "Not a bad idea since no one watches TV anymore but everyone still drinks flavored sugar water from a can" writes the very entertaining and innovative Steven Hall of AdRants. Frank Vidal of Graphic Packaging Inc. submits, "Advercan is a great concept, riding the wave of health and wellness. A fridgepack of Advercan capped cans will multiply promotional opportunities by 12!"

Tom Bachman of Beverage Industry Magazine says, "Now for the first time, cans have the capability of 'under the cap' type of promotions previously restricted only to bottles. In addition, there are the opportunities for aroma and electronic chip technologies that have never before been available. In today's consumer products world, security and sanitation are of utmost importance in providing products that are attractive, convenient yet safe." He goes on to say, "The Advercan system is the emerging technology for touch and target TNT marketing." Additionally, the beverage giant who caps their cans first, can expect to control market share against competing brands, thus improving the tax base and employment rate in whatever city it is headquartered.

Advercan's AmeriCANtop is a powerful marketing medium that's a perfect fit for today's health conscious consumer. It assures market share increases, guarantees a new net revenue source, and addresses the very real concerns of exposed food packaging. Not a bad idea since no one watches TV anymore but everyone still drinks flavored sugar water from a can.

Advercan is a great concept, riding the wave of health and wellness. A fridgepack of Advercan capped cans will multiply promotional opportunities by 12!

The Advercan system is the emerging technology for touch and target TNT marketing. With interests from Interpublic Group, Omnicom, Clear Channel, and Publicis media conglomerates, the BevCo board rooms are sure to be buzzing with excitement!

Team Advercan is the first to attend trade shows with these models, first with a copyright/patent file/publication portfolio, first to build prototype machinery, first to discover a commercially feasible film, first to broker can-top-media, and now seeks their first industry partnerships for investment opportunities.

For more information, please contact K Mac @ Team Advercan 1-800-879-7050 INFO @ ADVERCAN.COM or their system sourcing ally, ADVERCAN @ GRAPHICPKG.COM