Monday, January 31, 2011

"Peel to Reveal" Ko's / IPG's easy net-net revenue stream

Susan Stribling and Helen Tarleton,

35B is being spent on unwanted Direct Mail, so why not net-net a few billion of this spending by selling can-top-coupon space globally with IPG? ("Peel to Reveal" Ko's / IPG's easy net-net revenue stream)

Besides the American Idol initiative and the co-sponsorship potentials, there's $billions to be made via can-top-advertising. We've just proven it on SMU college campus!

Starcom Media Vest, Universal McCann (other IPG agencies), Clear Channel and Coca Cola should sail the CanAd program through for KO's institutional investors and Ga's massive new revenue stream.

Happy 125th B-Day to TCCC!


*$100s of millions in net-net revenue via cantop billboard sales and perceived interactive value
*No more KO cut backs with this new massive revenue stream flowing into the Plaza windows. When Mr Fayard is happy, everyone's happy!
*No more lay offs or lost market share world wide
*Stock holders rejoice over new found net revenues
*Increase market share over Pep by covering your single serve cans
*International packaging and media awards assured
*New data basing CanAd would generate millions a day in pay-per-click
*Consumers would love the disruptive gamming/prizing allure!
*Retailers want RFID, Scan, Code, TAGGR, Scent, Flavor, Branding, Security, and Interactive Media Etc
* and KO-PR gets a new mega-boost in every country.
私のコカ・コーラ賞はちょうど販売された私をできるきれいにした! ziehen Sie ab, um meinen Kokspreis aufzudecken!! 我的可口可乐奖付清与果皮! Le Coca-Cola protège mon bidon et mes récompenses de coke payés outre du de premier rang ! J'AIME MON COKE ! ¡Las latas de Pepsi son sucias, pero mi coque es lleno de concesiones limpias!
*Exponentially heighten consumer confidence with a hygienic cantop cover
*Vending safe packaging for Japan, schools and others (finally no worries about knarley machine loaders)
*Strengthen and GAIN pouring rights via for fast food chains globally
*Assured free positive world wide press for protecting drinkers from C-Store fomites
*Philanthropists would donate a Half Billion (aprox 130B now available for machines to safely seal all KO's cans. Mr Fayard could ask B&M Gates foundation. Melinda knows of "Kenny's Advercan". If KO guarantees a small MSFT logo, they'd likely pay for the labels too. GR8 PR for schools-colleges! The Bentoneville boys, Mac or Seven-I would do the same.
*KO-TCCC-CCBCC-CCE ETC would completely control global respect for innovative AmeriCANtop designs. Another ALL AmeriCAN GLOBAL FIRST

****We wrote the book, then proved the model! This will be a multi $B win-win-win. TXu001295978 / 2006-10-06 TITLE "Methods and apparatus necessary to distribute can top media" (247 page book)

Sure, the machine systems will be tough to install in some plants due to space restrictions, but most floor plans CAN be accommodated, especially with our exclusive space saving rotary "15' splitline Advercapper"design. Considering the immense monetary gains, this innovative plan into your 125th birthday is well worth the calamity it will cause to set up. Perhaps run a few slower lines in India or with Loadstar Universal McCann's clients paying a dime per can-top-ad (100CPM). This advertising money totally offsets all COGS for KO...Imagine NO COSTS? "Peel to Reveal"TM A Happy 125th B-Day indeed!

Susan and Helen, please reply w your thoughts...
Team Advercan

PS: This is at least our 125th communication to TCCC over the last 12 years. Lucky Dozen?
Perhaps now is the time to act first, and not wait until others take the global awards...