Thursday, November 11, 2010

About the CAN-TOP-COUPON atop the American Energy Drink

The Worlds First “Can-Top-Coupon” attached to
the American Energy Drink has been in the
works for a while, and is now making its test
debut in Dallas, TX. Team Advercan won the
SMU-COX business plan award, and is now
conducting a coupon redemption study for
these unique coupons. This “AmeriCANtop
flaunts a Goff’s Hamburger coupon which is
redeemable for free fries and fountain drink.
The expiration date is the 11/17/10. Since it
has a mandatory read, and consumers desire to
have their can tops covered, this consumer
friendly coupon assures a greater return than other traditional print media distributions. We will know the return rate of this new type of coupon on 11/18/10.

Note: This Can-Top-Coupon also shows off a Vanilla scent, taste and micro RFID/Scan Bar capabilities. With over 250 billion cans consumed globally, the marketing benefits are endless.

American Energy Drink

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